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Prom. Hi, I'm 1996Firebird, better known to my friends and family as Elizabeth Brinkley. I am 18, from Dallas, TX. (GO STARS!). I am currently a senior at Richardson High School in Richardson Tx.

This is Chris Stephens, my fiance. We have been dating for two years and on June 1, 1999 he proposed. He is the sweetest guy that I know. We have may mutual friends, Nathan Williams, Ryan Miller, and Josh Dowdy. We have known them for 2 years and they are a riot. The quote: "If I bring the baby, may I have the woman?" --Ghostbusters II

My Fiance
Homecomming This is a picture of us together at one of our dances. I have the best time at anything that involves dancind and music. Don't we make a cute couple? He is 5'7" and I am 5'4".

Modern Bride
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The Knot
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C*E*A a.k.a The Center for the Easily Amused
Fun site, go there and see for your self!

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